Site Upgrade

This site is currently using to generate the pages via markdown files in my Obsidian vault. is run by one guy though and I’m not a big fan of being reliant on a single person for this. There are a bunch of things I don’t like about my current workflow that I’d like to change. Not to mention quite a few bugs with the site that are pissin’ me the feck off.

So I’d like to whip up my own custom solution using Hugo, but that’ll be a project that takes a couple of days (minimum). This will also give me an opportunity to ditch the root wordpress site ( and merge it in with this blog, which would be so much better.

The thing that’s holding me back from this at the moment is the WordPress plugin that I use to send out my changelogs as emails via MailChimp.

I will need to figure out a markdown to html conversion workflow and submit that to my new mailing provider’s API (MailerLite) before I can make the switch.

A few moving parts here to consider. I’ll get around to it when I’ve got the free time, probably after this next game-b. If you’ve got any experience with this, or can point me in the right direction of some resources I’d love to hear from ya -



October 10, 2022