Ex Nihilo Changelog v0.1.0

[v0.1.0] - 2022-08-09


  • External 2D camera module for future reuse
  • Debug chunk position rendering thanks to Ryan’s new font rendering
  • Begun implementing wood that catches fire (first step is smoke)
  • Begun smoke implementation (figure 1)


  • Ported to new version of Telescope - now using Ryan’s private code depo for the repository. Public GitHub repo is dead for now (and will stay dead until I’ve got a major version to show off).
  • Performance optimisations for chunk rendering - a max zoom out has been set properly. (learnt how to properly profile performance with VS)
  • Option to enable / disable the infinite canvas for testing purposes
  • Proper working directory is now being used for chunk saves (instead of just a folder at the root called /balls lmao)
  • Begun switching the PixelType’s and Attributes over to a table in MetaDesk


  • Various bugs that stumped me and annoyed the shit out of me all week, fuck you C buffer overruns, and fuck me for not checking them beforehand with Asserts, lesson learnt (again).

figure 1: black coloured reverse sand lolfigure 1: black coloured reverse sand lol

Time Input

Sun - 0 mins
Mon - 0 mins
Tues - 30 mins
Wed - 50 mins
Thurs - 3hrs 28 mins
Fri - 2hrs 30 mins
Sat - 4hrs 51 mins

The 100 hour work week - I’m coming for yo ass.


I’m no longer going to be putting this project on Steam - because it’s a tech demo, not an actual game.

My priority here isn’t getting it in the hands of other people - it’s taking what I currently have and tying it up neatly into a module that my future self can look back on and easily extend.

I’m aiming to have this complete by the 21st of this month.


August 9, 2022