Ex Nihilo Changelog v0.2.0

[v0.2.0] - 2022-08-23


  • Fire spreading across wood / destruction (figure 1)
  • Integrity for pixels at rest (figure 2)


  • Refactored project into a neat sub-folder for future use

figure 1figure 1

figure 2figure 2

Ex Nihilo has now been wrapped up for the time being. This feels like a good place to leave it since there’s a nice foundation of features. I made a demo video showcasing everything that’s in it at the moment.

The code could use a bit of a clean up, but the general structure feels pretty solid.

Unfinished items:

  • water equilibrium is pretty scuffed
  • no resting mode / integrity to avoid uniform diagonals
  • smoke needs to be slowed (vertical precision movement)

The rest can be found over on Trello.


August 23, 2022