I don’t work enough.

Over the last year (or maybe even two) I’ve been doing a very little amount of work” each day.

Work in this scenario is the amount of hours I spend programming on my active project - and let me tell ya, it’s bloody abysmally low.

I’m talking like 3 hours, TOPS.

My daily average would probably look something like 90 minutes. That’s fucking laughable.

My justifications for this low number go something like…

I can only put 3 hours of deep work in each day, programming is hard work!” I should really slow down, take it easyyyy.” I don’t want to burn out!”

Yet, I’ve come to realise that they’re all bullshit.

Yeah sure - I might only be able to program deeply at 100% (without kidding myself) for a small amount of time each day, but who cares if I’m not at 100?

As my cognitive efficiency approaches 0 towards the end of the day, I can just do easier and easier tasks that also happen to be key to the project I’m working on.

If I really want to get to where I’m going, I’ve gotta knock my input up a whole order of magnitude.

Instead of working” 1 hour each day and calling it quits, I’ll do 10.

Because if I can find a way to sustainably put that in each day, why not?

What would my life look like if I started doing that with some consistency?

I guess there’s only one way to find out.

I don’t want to crank up the heat all at once, I just want to give myself some room to grow. I’ve shattered my 3 hour work ceiling and that’s a good start.

It’s clear to me that I don’t work nearly as much as what I’m truly capable of, and it’s time I put an end to that.

The only way I’m gonna become a better game dev is if I put more time into actively developing games, not just consuming content around it”.

It’s about time I stopped majoring in the minors.

Time to put my effort where it matters the most.

Let’s crank this bitch up to 11.


August 3, 2022