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G’day! My name’s Randy.

I’m a game developer from Australia, currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I’ve been backpacking since the start of 2022 and I’m slowling making my way around to a bunch of different countries to find a nice place for me to set up shop.

Now. I absolutely love survival-craft video games. Like a lot.

Some of my favourite games over the years include Minecraft, Valheim, Ark, The Forest, Terraria, and Astroneer to name a few.

I love these games so goddamn much that in 2015 I decided to become a game developer so that I could learn how to create my own.

For my first project I started off with an extremely ambitious 2D side scroller, inspired by Terraria.

Even though the project itself was way beyond my skills as a game developer (and still is). I spent years using the project as a whetstone for honing some invaluable skills.

I learnt how to tell entertaining stories about the development process.

And it also sent me on an epic quest of learning how to program. Leading me to the environment that I work within today - programming in raw C with the help of Telescope.

Still to this very day, all of my efforts are focused towards game development.

You can visit this page to see what I’m currently up to.